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    Flavor Dynamics sponsored tutorial about tea blending is coached by Wolfgang Boehmer, well-known flavor specialist, and Jennifer Petersen, tea blending specialist.  Wolfgang shares insider flavoring secrets particularly with establishing your blending system and the tools necessary for creating signature, flavored tea blends.
    Pre-recorded using a WebEx proprietary viewer, you will need to download the free WebEx player to view the presentation.
    Bonuses are included with the CD version.  Bonuses include ten start-up tea blend recipes ($195 value) and 10 herbal tisane recipes ($95 value) which may be purchased separately.  Includes shipping and handling.



    Tea Blending Recipes will help you get started with blending your own signature blends without the hassle, not to mention the waste, of experimentation.  You'll have time-tried and customer-tested recipes from which to either create your own private label blend using a new name or to serve as a launching point for your own unique blends and flavors.
    Based on Carnelian Rose Tea's blends in service since 1996, tutorials and advice over the years have influenced these par excellence recipes.  It must be said that although Jennifer Petersen created the blends through educated trial and error, others have helped refine the base teas and flavors including Mike Spillane (G S Haly) who has a sound approach to tea leaf education particularly with so-called Breakfast Blends and insightful use of Ambootia and Iyerpadi teas, Tomislav Podreka (helped develop the Earl Grey Fancy blend), Gerry Vandergriff and John Hales (Metropolitan Tea) wizards with fruit blends and exceptional quality herbs and petals, and Stash Tea Co. (Caravan recipes). 

    We believe you'll enjoy the recipes as well the savings realized when you avoid common blending errors that result in disposing of hundreds of pounds of wasted tea.  We've already done that for you!

    Recipe booklet is bound and printed for your easy reference - 10 double-pages.


    Herbal tisanes, commonly referred to as Herbal Teas, traditionally have therapeutic value to which traditional medicinal properties are often referred.
    We offer more than 50 herbal tisane combinations covering traditional tonics and teas for sleep apnea, irritable tummy, enhanced breast milk production, eye bright, memory enhancer, breath freshener, cold and allergy relief, enhanced romantic inclinations aka aphrodiacs, and other good tasting, customer acclaimed herbal blends and remedies.

    Included with the Herbal Tisane Recipe Booklet are sources for herbs, utensils, and packaging recommendations.  This booklet is for the herb lover in all of us. Your choice of downloadable pdf or CD with printed recipe booklet.

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