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 Winners Oregon State Fair 2011 
Congratulations to Winners at Oregon State Fair 2011!
Congratulations to Winners at Oregon State Fair 2011!

Thanks to Our Celebri-Tea Judges

Marilyn Miller, Jan Weigel, Charity Chalmers, Jan Ellis and OSF Pro Judge
w/Jennifer Petersen

Congratulations to the Winners at Oregon State Fair 2011

Amazing Scones Go To The Movies - Classic Style

 There are four scone categories for the baking contest. All categories are movie titles.

  1. My Fair Lady (plain scones or biscuits)
  2. Sweet Charity (miscellaneous, fruit, nut, sweet or savory)
  3. Mistress of Spices and Tea (must contain tea and/or spice)
  4. Free Willie (must be gluten-free or sugar-free or dairy-free)

Renata Stanko - Amazing Scones Baking Race Winner 2011The most entries were for Sweet Charity category. The fewer entries were for My Fair Lady. (That's a hint for competitive entries in the 2012 Amazing Scone Baking Race!)

Of all points tallied, the highest score and deemed to be the most delicious scones wereChocolate Cherry Scones baked by Renata Stanko for her Everyday Breakfast Scones. The scones were absolutely perfect with the right amount of layering, even texture, good color on top and bottom, nicely shaped!

Ruth Brown Peterson - Amazing Scones Baking Race Winner 2011Renata Stanko, top points earner at the 2011 Oregon State Fair, entered multiple recipes and each was a winner such as the Chocolate Cherry Scones shown.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! You were all winners in my book! ~ Jennifer

Scone Winners by Category

Mistress of Spices and Tea

  • Vicki Cartwright - Blue Ribbon - Dilly Cheddar Scones
  • Renata Stanko - Red Ribbon - Black Tea Lemon Scones

Sweet Charity

  • Ruth Brown Peterson - Blue Ribbon - Blueberry Scones 
  • Renata Stanko - Red Ribbon - Chocolate Cherry Scones 
  • Susan Middleton - Red Ribbon - Strawberry Scones 

Free Willie

  • Renata Stanko - Blue Ribbon - Sugar Free Pumpkin Scones

My Fair Lady

  • Renata Stanko - Blue Ribbon - Every Day Breakfast Scones

You, too, can be a winner at the 2012 Oregon State Fair. Ready? Get Set! Bake!

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Amazing Scones Baking Race and Recipes
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